Marcello Salerno has more than forty years experience in telecommunications. Starting in 70’s at Central Research Labs of GTE, he was involved in first digital radio studies and prototyping, specifically in the digital modem and baseband processing area. In early 80’s, he gave a significant contribution to the first “QAM Radio” design, planning and product realization for long haul applications, as responsible for the modem department at Siemens Telecomunicazioni. Marcello was then responsible for the System Architecture and Product Generation, leading the PDH, SDH and ATM evolution of the P-P and P-MP Siemens Radio products. He was Vice President R&D at Siemens Microwave Radio from 1998, when Microwave Backhauling rapidly increased his role in mobile networks, and Head of Microwave R&D at Nokia Siemens Networks till end of 2008. Marcello spent the last four years as a consultant at Linkra Networks, contributing to the R&D team for the full IP backhaul product evolution and, more in general, in the field of innovation. He also represented this company, as in the past he did for Siemens Telecomunicazioni, in the international Radio Standard Bodies (CEPT, ETSI). By September 2013, Marcello joined GreenWaves as a co-founder, promoting a new activity still focused on the telecommunications field.

GIANPAOLO BRAMBILLA - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Electronic Engineer with a strong (over 25 years) professional experience within Global Companies (Siemens, Italtel, Nokia & Siemens Networks) covering the roles of Research & Development Head and Technological Centre Head (Milan site) with a Solid background in Radio Systems and Networks.
Great experience in leading large teams of engineers and technicians (about 200 people) in different sites : Italy, Helsinki and Shanghai. High skill and capability to manage complex projects with a cost around 10-20M€ and 2-3 years long.
Very used to work in international context, coordinating and driving teams of engineers in Italy, China, Finland, India and Colombia with permanence in these countries. High flexibility and great capability to manage complex events under great uncertainty.

LUCA FERRUCCI - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Electronic engineer with 25 years experience in Microwave Radio design in the role of designer and head of HW designers team. Long experience as team leader, highly focused to the results, with a good skill in motivating and inspiring people, working in strong collaboration with them. Excellent knowledge of Radio HW solutions, very long experience in general analog electronic design and testing. Coinventor in 3 international patents, coauthor in more than 20 technical and scientific papers, professor on contract at “Università degli Studi di Milano”


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Phone: +39.02 95300480