GreenWaves offers different kind of engineering services for wireless applications, such as

  1. Theoretical studies and simulations
    • Study of innovative algorithms for signal processing and characterization of radio channels in mobile networks
    • System Architecture of specific products for “Smart City” applications
    • System Architecture of specific products for “Small Cells” & MW Backhauling applications in  Mobile Networks
    • Propagation studies and radio channel modeling for NLOS mmW applications
  2. Design and implementationEvaluation boards for the characterization of RF chipsets at component level and at system level
    • Complete modules or units for application in radio transceivers at different RF bands
    • RF modules for applications in Mobile systems (e.g. LTE base stations)
    • MATLAB simulations for signal processing
    • Specific VHDL based projects
    • Complete prototypes of Radio transceivers for field trials, to prove innovative solutions
    • SW modules based on different platforms for Fixed and Mobile telecom applications
    • SW modules for NMS (Network Management System)
  3. High professional Testing
    • Specific system test sessions for performance evaluation and analysis of marginalities of different wireless products
    • Reliability test sessions to check robustness and stability of the product in different environmental conditions
    • Tests to verify compliance with International Standards
    • Support for the analysis and troubleshooting of problems reported by customers Company Skills and Competences Microwave Radio systems and relevant technologies
    • Design, implementation, production and installation of  Microwave Radio systems with complex modulation formats (up to 2048QAM), ATPC, ACM and AFD controls, XPIC solutions, MIMO and beam forming techniques
    • accurate design and implementation of dedicated evaluation boards and jigs  according to specified requirements and Customers’ requests


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