Microwave Radio systems and relevant technologies

  • Design, implementation, production and installation of  Microwave Radio systems with complex modulation formats (up to 2048QAM), ATPC, ACM and AFD controls, XPIC solutions, MIMO and beam forming techniques
  • accurate design and implementation of dedicated evaluation boards and jigs  according to specified requirements and Customers’ requests
  • NLOS (No Line Of Sight) propagation
  • International Standards knowledge for different fixed Radio applications (Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, TDD, FDD, …) in different RF bands and channel spacing
  • Professional testing for certification and omologation of radio systems, according to customer’s requests
  • Technical Support to analyze in field problems detected on specific links and to provide the most appropriate solutions


Networking competencies

  • 802.11x WiFi standards
  • 802.11s amendment for mesh networks
  • Packet network transport technology (Ethernet, IP, RPR, MPLS)
  • IP Network security solutions (NAT, VPN, Firewall, IPsec, ...)
  • Ethernet test tool and methods (specially QoS related)
  • Ethernet-based internal transport (TDM and packet over Ethernet)
  • Multi Service Networks (all over IP, all over ATM)
  • WLAN integration in Mobile Networks
  • Wireless networks security (threat &risk analysis, secure coding, vulnerability testing)
  • Network Management standards (SNMP)


Radio International Standards

Experts of Radio CE Certification and of ETSI, ANSI, CCIR, ITU-R standards are among the members of GreenWaves R&D team. They can support the development of the new components with adequate technical analysis and testing, to ensure the compliance of the final released products with the International Recommendations.


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