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Based on Infineon BGT70 / BGT80 chipsets, is currently in advanced stage of development in GreenWaves labs.

First prototypes are already available, in schedule with official plan.

The figure shows a top view of the complete radio transceiver with indications of most important internal parts. Compact 13x13 cm motherboard done with FR4 substrate is used to host (I-Q) interfaces, baseband filters, receiver gain control,  XMC4200 Infineon microprocessor and power supply subunit.

Two RF modules – one 70GHz band with BGT70 and one 80GHz band with BGT80 – are mounted on top of the common motherboard. Each RF module includes BGT device, frequency synthesizer and external GaAs power amplifier, in order to increase maximum  available Tx power at antenna port.

Microwave diplexer filter is mounted directly on transceiver mechanics to achieve the smallest footprint of final assembly.


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