Symmetrical Doherty Amplifier in 1.9GHz band with two Infineon LDMOS transistors PXFC192207

As first step of the design, RF simulations  have led to the definition of PCB layout including input and output matching networks.

By means of tuning activities in GW lab, two hardware versions of the board have been generated, one for optimum drain efficiency and one for minimum phase distortion. Both versions are currently being tested with Digital PreDistorter (DPD) in Infineon labs.

Additional eight Doherty designs in different bands from 700MHz to 2.5GHz are planned to be done by GreenWaves starting from June.

In this context, GreenWaves is also in charge of studying technical solutions for wideband Doherty amplifiers capable to cover with one single HW version  multiple adjacent LTE bands.

GreenWaves shall start with the design of a new adaptive phase-amplitude changer  for fine adjustments of  Main and Peak signals at the inputs of RF Doherty amplifier.  This new solution gives the possibility to tune the combined assembly for maximum performances, compensating any possible spreading in the electrical parameters of Main/Peak stages.


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