HSM – HW/FW/SW Design

HSM - HW/FW/SW Design

Starting with listening to the needs of our clients, we identify the most suitable solution to satisfy them and outline a firmware and software design path that goes from specifications to a high-quality final product that has already been tested and can be immediately integrated into processes or introduced into the market. HSM is high-speed electronics specifically developed to connect High-Speed Sensors to PCs via Ethernet, to acquire and display data of laser pulse trains, and perform statistics on many laser parameters such as energy, power, repetition rate, and peak power.
HSM can sample data with a sampling rate of up to 500 Msamples/s to provide a precise energy measurement of each single ultrashort pulse up to a 1 MHz repetition rate. Specific Desktop software, developed by GreenWaves, allows the acquired laser pulse train to be displayed on the PC using its oscilloscope or statistical mode.

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